Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cry me a river, Comey


To the Editor:

The same James Comey, former FBI director, who assumed the role of investigator, prosecutor and judge when he decided the wording of statutes was irrelevant, now is doing his best to discredit President Donald Trump. But Comey continues to throw stones from his large glass house despite his own enormous credibility gap.

He failed to seek recusal of Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the Hillary Clinton email probe despite her partiality. He bypassed the Justice Department through pronouncements about the Clinton email scandal.

He offered judgments and legal conclusions regarding the email scandal.

It is alleged that Lynch persuaded him to minimize the FBI’s criminal investigation of Clinton.

He denied leaking information under oath just days before he leaked information on his private meeting with Trump. He mischaracterized Huma Abedin’s role in emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

He allegedly stopped a request to publicize the probe of Russian campaign tampering at the request of the White House.

Comey was fired because he was incompetent and partisan.

His disdain for Trump rendered him unable to conduct investigations in an impartial manner.

A Democratic Party that was against Comey before they were for him is suffering from perpetual fence straddling.

Millions of people are fired from their jobs for far less egregious offenses.

Rather than taking it like a man, Comey is singing the Ella Fitzgerald tune “Cry Me A River.”

Ray Cziczo

Galena, Missouri