Letters to the Editor

Letter: Balanced diet recommended by nutritionists worldwide


To the Editor:

I read the May 31 letter from Casper Nowak opposing meat and dairy consumption after spending the first several hours of the day milking cows, feeding and tending cattle, feeding calves, watering my vegetable garden and even assisting with the birth of a calf.

Naturally, after spending the better part of my morning outside caring for our animals, my body was telling me it was time to eat a nutritious breakfast.

A lean meat, oatmeal, milk and fruit filled me up and sent me on my way, ensuring I had the strength and energy for the day’s remaining tasks: baling hay on our family farm in Huntley, preparing and delivering meals to those working in the fields, and repeating the milking and associated chores.

In addition to working on our family farm, I also have worked as a registered nurse. As a nurse, I can tell you a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet derived from a variety of foods is sensible and healthy.

Furthermore, as a family farmer, I know the meat and dairy products I’m consuming are not only wholesome, they’re also grown responsibly, because farmers like me make every effort to ensure their animals are comfortable and well cared for every day of the year.

Happily, Mr. Nowak can continue to follow his vegan diet, and I can follow my diet consisting of meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits and grains, as recommended by nutritionists worldwide, because our food system here provides consumers with the best diet of all: choice.

Carol Ziller