Letters to the Editor

Letter: Letter writer has facts wrong about Al Gore


To the Editor:

Poor Al Gore. He wins the 2000 presidential election by more than 540,000 votes and loses the White House because of a 1787 electoral system that was invented partly to keep demagogues and the unqualified from the Oval Office. 

Gravely disappointed, Gore nevertheless delivered a gracious, magnanimous concession speech. Then, rather than playing the sore loser, he picked himself up and embraced a cause that had concerned him since the late 1980s: climate change. To educate the public about its dangers, he produced traveling slide shows, which eventually led to a documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” which then resulted in an Oscar and a Nobel Prize.

In response, Big Oil, Gas, and Coal mounted climate-denying campaigns copying the addiction-denying practices of Big Tobacco from decades previous. The Fossil Fuel coalition “funded” its own scientists, and these toadies in white lab coats produced “research” that first claimed the climate was not changing. Later, it morphed into non-human caused climate change. Their goal? To create doubt; to manufacture two sides to an issue with but one side.

The right-wing media picked up on this “doubt,” and Al Gore often felt its sting. Gore’s latest whack came from a letter by Terry Wolf (June 12), who wrote “The great scientist Al Gore in accepting his Nobel Prize in 2007 said the East Coast would be underwater in five years.” Wrong. Gore never said that. Check out his speech at www.nobelprize.org.

By the way, Gore never said that he “invented the Internet” either.

Mark Wilcox

Bull Valley