Letters to the Editor

Letter: Sanders, Obama, Clintons profit off taxpayers


To the Editor:

Bernie Sanders denounced the “culture of greed that is plaguing our nation …” President Barack Obama said, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” Hillary Clinton has always railed against the “fat cats.”

But Bernie made $1 million last year. Apparently there is no “greed” when he makes it. Barack and Michelle signed a book deal for $60 million. Hillary and Bill, how many hundreds of millions have they raked into their foundation?

Where is the outrage at such hypocrisy? Republicans and Democrats fattening themselves at the public trough.

Should a person be entitled to make as much as he can? Bernie, Barack and Hillary say no. Until they are on the receiving end, that is.

If I invent a widget and make millions, I am rewarded for my personal effort, not for someone else’s efforts. I am working for myself.

But Bernie, Barack and Hillary didn’t start their own business; they were employed by the people of this country. No one would have paid Bernie for his memoirs if he hadn’t been elected to government office. Same for Barack. Hillary, too.

The taxpayers already paid those people. And it was only because we elected them that they have anything to sell. But now they capitalize on what “we the people” made possible, selling their experience and keeping the money for themselves. Isn’t that what Bernie, Barack and Hillary have vilified people for?

Bernie, Barack and Hillary should do the right thing and return all that money to the people.

Scott A. Nolan

Crystal Lake