Letters to the Editor

Letter: The value of Helium 3


To the Editor:

Gold was discovered in Coloma, California, in 1848, at the American River. James Marshall had unknowingly ignited the Gold Rush era after his famous extraction. For seven straight years, news of his shiny nugget would bring 300,000 residents into the Sierra Mountains in their own quest for prospecting this precious metal, concurrently forming our 31st state.

In 1985, the University of Wisconsin was granted access to test Apollo moon samples, discovering Helium 3. This precious ore is estimated at $1.3 million per pound. Author John S. Lewis gave envisioning insight to space-mine both, the moon or asteroids helping create stock market companies such as Deep Space Industries, LunaSonde, Planetary Resources and Kepler Space Engineering. America's top priority budgeting must include NASA, because competition countries such as China, Russia and India are yearning for a tantamount of their own, astro-quarrying.

Why is Helium 3 value so high? Presently the world only has fission type nuclear reactors. An easier way to remember the difference is "fission division" and "fusion inclusion." Current fusion reactors makes an uncontrollable plasma reaction, scaring the inside of its containment shielding. Helium 3 stabilizes the formation blending of the energized plasma, releasing two protons and transferring its neutron, simultaneously creating Helium 4. This occurrence has the same amount energy as the sun, therefore discharging a higher volume of electricity for distribution in traveling longer distances, rapidly. Bringing back ilmenite to earth solves this problem, making these fusion reactors demanded.

Scott Taillet

Lake in the Hills