Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thanks to Cuba Township, volunteers for help with flood


To the Editor:

A very special thank you to Cuba Township Highway Commissioner T.J. Podgorski, his crew and volunteers (Ralph and Dorothy Wenzel, Jeanette and Mark, Karen, Dan and Kyle Lanz, Branden), and so many more for helping the residents in the unincorporated Frisch subdivision (North Lagoon Drive and River Shore Drive).

It was an overwhelming turnout of volunteers. We have been here since 1956, and had the knowledge of many floods in the past, but his one was the worst. During the flood disaster, Mr. Podgorski, his crew and volunteers worked long, long hours to assist the residents with water, sand, sandbags, filling sandbags and placing sandbags around the homes. During this crisis, Mr. Podgorski went out of his way morning, noon and night to check on how we were coping with the flood.

We are extremely grateful for all the help we received during this time of need.

The aftermath process of cleaning up was done the same way. We also want to thank the Red Cross for the cleaning supplies, toiletries and other items during this devastating time.

Last, but not least, we want to thank the Fox River Waterway Director Joe Keller for all he did during this crisis. Thank you Mr. Podgorski. You are an amazing, sympathetic person and more people should be like you.

Fran and Joel Anglin