Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump is a 'horrific mistake'


To the Editor:

Regarding the one-line letter from the Rev. Barrettsmith on Aug. 27.

How can you, or anyone else for that matter, still think that Donald Trump is the president we need?

The list of miserable things he has said and done just goes on and on. When he is caught, his immediate defense is that he did not say what he is on tape as having said.


The fact that you are a reverend and don’t seem to be bothered that this man brags about groping women, mocks the disabled and most recently claims that there are good KKK and Neo-Nazis demonstrating is appalling.

Where in the Bible does God condone these things? 

This man is turning the U.S. into the laughing stock of the world.

When Great Britain wanted to ban Trump from coming to their country, they decided they would not because “you can’t ban stupid.”

To those who voted for him because they were die-hard Republicans, shame on you for not stopping to think about the ramifications of that vote. He certainly gave us all a good look at his character before the election.

To those who voted for him because he was not Hilary Clinton, are you happy with this alternative?

To those who didn’t go out and vote, you got what you deserved.

I sure hope that this horrific mistake gets fixed in 2020.

If not, God help us.

Patricia Miller