Letters to the Editor

Letter: Naval collisions raise questions


To the Editor:

I preface this piece with a heartfelt expression of sympathy to the families of the sailors lost in the recent naval collisions. That being said, one needs to ask, what the heck is going on?

In less than a year, we’ve lost two destroyers and two cruisers to collisions in the Pacific Ocean. I understand the adage that we’re living in a shrinking world due to globalization, but this is ridiculous. When I can hone in on a specific piece of property from a satellite, why can’t the Navy avoid collisions in the Pacific. I hate to pile on, but what about the “Wrong Way Corrigan” incident when a Navy armada (aircraft carrier strike force) supposedly steaming toward North Korea ends up at a “shrimp on the Barbie” rendezvous with the Australians.

Might I make a suggestion? Have the Navy send a high-level entourage to spend a Sunday afternoon in July on the Chain O’ Lakes and watch how navigating a waterway is done.

Then, pluck four captains from the four largest Bayliners traversing the waters and commission them to Norfolk Naval Base to train their captains.

The point being, if you can dock a boat at Blarney’s Island in the middle of the Chain on a Sunday, you certainly can avoid a collision in the Pacific Ocean.

Steve Moore