Top 10 Trivia with Jack DeRue

Jack DeRue

Greetings, Jack DeRue here, your mixer of mishmash of the mind, ready for another round of trivia.

To accommodate reader request, I again am concealing among my list one trivial fact that is untrue, leaving it to you to identify it. The number of this deceptive diddy is written after my email address.

1. The Lincoln family lineage ended in 1985 with the death of Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith.

2. A day on Venus is longer than a year on Venus.

3. Bubbles in carbonated drinks do not rise. They seem to do so because the liquid around them is sinking.

4. Frank Baum named the city of Oz after a drawer in his office file cabinet that read “O-Z.”

5.The popsicle was invented by an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson.

6. If the sun stopped shining, it would take eight minutes for people on Earth to notice it.

7. Women average speaking 7,000 words a day, while men say only 2,000.

8. You have no sense of smell when you are asleep.

9. The ancient Greek city of Sparta had 25,000 citizens and 500,000 slaves.

10. Ironically, Michigan was the first state to fluoridate its water in the U.S.

Stay inquisitive, my trivial friends!

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