Letters to the Editor

Letter: Millennials need to help clean up government


To the Editor:

This country needs an extensive restructuring of the election system.

Getting rid of the Electoral College,redrawing districts to eliminate gerrymandering and moving toward publicly financed elections would be ahuge start. Too much dark money floats through our elections and directly influences how our politiciansvote on bills. We need more accountability in our system, so people like President Donald Trump and his cronies can’t profit off of the presidency.

Yet it’s on both sides. Sen. Robert Menendez accepted gifts from a “friend” and didn’t get convicted, but he’sguilty in my eyes. Obviously, numerous examples of further corruption exist on both sides. This corruptionneeds to be rooted out of the system, and it all starts with the vast amounts of money used to buy ourpoliticians. Take the dirty money out of politics, and a government that actually works for the peoplewould emerge.

But part of it, too, is regular people challenging established politicians at all levels of government. I’m considering running for a local low-level political position because I’m sick and tired of public money being stolen and wasted for frivolous purposes, like the Route 31 Bypass (it is barely used) or the legal defense fund for Andrew Gasser’s Algonquin Township. We need politicians who hold themselves accountable by not lying and cheating the people who elected them. Come on, millennials, let’s start running for office. The status quo has been here for too long and it needs to change. Now.

Colin Spence