Letters to the Editor

Letter: Follow tax-cutting example of Franks, County Board


To the Editor:

I’d like to ask every elected official reading this letter a simple question: If Chairman Jack Franks and the McHenry County Board can reduce their tax levy by more than 10 percent, why can’t you?

Don’t say personnel costs. The county has personnel. A lot of personnel. But guess what? The County Board didn’t have to let a single person go. Don’t say loss of services. The county provides services, too. A lot of them. But guess what? The County Board didn’t have to cut a single service, either. Don’t say unfunded mandates. All governments have those. Yes, some have more than others. But guess what? Your constituents have them, too. Like the big property tax increases that you impose on us each year. If we don’t pay, we lose our homes. That’s a mandate if ever there was one.

The time for excuses is over. Franks and the County Board rolled up their sleeves and did it. Even the handful of obstructionists who try to block everything he does on partisan principle managed to grasp the concept – the county levy cut passed on a 24-0 vote.

Now it’s your turn. Open the books, grab a red pen and trim 10 percent. Elected officials before their annual vote to raise their property tax levies always claim that, “We’re taxpayers, too.” For once, prove it.

Franks and the County Board are leading the charge. It’s time for you, our elected officials, to follow. We can’t afford your way of doing things anymore.

Theresa Lichte