Letters to the Editor

Letter: Net neutrality critical to protect people


To the Editor:

I am writing this letter with one sole purpose: To save net neutrality.

I turned 18 in July, so I am now of voting age. I can promise that if net neutrality is repealed, I will not vote for thoseresponsible in coming elections. Net neutrality is vital to America. Without it, the gap between upper and lower class willonly increase.

I understand the thought process behind it –cable is dying out, and there is a market in internet streaming. By eliminating netneutrality, businesses can take back the control that companies like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu took from them.

But theinternet is NOT the same as TV channels. If someone can’t afford certain channel packages, the worst that can happen tothem is boredom. If someone can’t afford internet packages, they will be more out of the loop. The internet will becomeelite, rather than connecting all sorts of people like it was made to do.

Please, do not let net neutrality be eliminated. It is so vital for our community to become more equal and connected. Do notlet greed take over our nation. Please, think about what’s good for the people, rather than what’s good for business.

Because, really, as a government worker, you are in the business of people.

Carmen Seda

Crystal Lake