Letters to the Editor

Letter: Townships aren't the problem


To the Editor:

Finally, an article about eliminating townships that tells the real story. While I agree our taxes are way too high, wake up voters and look at not the total tax bill, but the smallest part of it. That’s your township tax portion.

How can it cost less to have your county or city take over the services without raising their portion on your bill?

The Jan. 31 article is what we have to believe is right.

While I don’t know the whole story about two loads of salt and a couple other small things in Algonquin Township, look what it has cost taxpayers to change things there. I don’t remember reading any complaints about services there before the new administration.

Let’s stop all the complaining about the smallest part of our tax bill and look at the ones that are so high. It’s about time to address them.

Dick Arseneau

Spring Grove