Letters to the Editor

Letter: Research candidates before voting


To the Editor:

People run for office for many reasons. Some are encouraged to run because organized political thinking has recruited them relative to their backgrounds or demeanors because they offer a link to audiences of certain philosophies or sympathies. Experienced organizers can collaborate among these social openings and tie them together into a platform factor for their chosen sponsored politicians to use when running for office. It’s up to us far-sighted readers and writers to weigh the elements of political platforms via whatever the media presents it as we vote in March and November. And in so doing, we must select the right candidate to execute the will of the electorate and one who will officiate for all of the taxpayers. There are only a few candidates who have the in-depth background and mission orientation required to be effective when they enter into politics at the state level. When a candidate can draw on more than 30 years of staff and leadership experience involving much of the same organizational leadership skills, required functional effectiveness and accountability on a scale that relates to a Illinois state senator or representative responsibilities, he or she, will deliver if elected. The needs of the electorate in collar counties around Cook are different and should be represented as such. We do not have to follow urban spending trends to pay ever-increasing property taxes slowing growth and hope. We must tell the politicians that they have to represent all of us by electing the ones who can.  

George Braun