Letters to the Editor

Letter: The ignorance of the Huntley Fire Protection District Board of Trustees is ugly


To the Editor:

The reported situation of former Huntley Fire Protection Chief Ken Caudle is pathetic. The combined financial and ego-driven actions by Caudle and the absolute ignorance of the board that is there to oversee him is an ugly example of what is wrong when people feel an unchecked sense of entitlement with the taxpayers’ money. The fact that the Northwest Herald only could get some of the facts through a Freedom of Information Act request shows an attempt to keep things quiet and out of public scrutiny. So much for transparency.

The fact that Caudle has not been fired and his pension revoked makes no sense to me. He violated the public trust and took his position for granted. What is it about certain individuals who having a public-sector job means taxpayer money is their own personal checking account? Imagine this type of behavior multiplied hundreds or thousands of times throughout the state of Illinois. 

Dean M. DeSantis

Lake in the Hills