Letters to the Editor

Letter: Shrill liberals gave Trump the presidency


To the Editor:

Despite Robert Boyd’s rant that castigated the Northwest Herald for printing conservative voices, I applaud the paper for doing so. The national media has long been a foe of conservative thought and ideals. For the most part, the press, including TV news, actively push liberal policies, politics and bias. It is refreshing to have a local paper print the thoughts of conservative writers occasionally.

Unfortunately, liberals, posing as moderates, feel that they have the exclusive right to speak their minds. But those who hold a differing opinion are not to be heard. For, in Hillary Clinton’s words, “they are deplorable.”

The left should come to terms with the fact that they are the reason Donald Trump won the presidency. Their shrill and constant insistence that we must think as they do, or else, has created a backlash that brought a man like Trump to power. Yet they still persist. Mr. Boyd’s letter is just more of the same.

Craig H. Grant