Letters to the Editor

Letter: Time to stop the gun lobby


To the Editor:

Did you know there was another mass shooting Jan. 23? It happened at a high school in Kentucky. Reports are two dead, at least 12 hospitalized and the gunman in custody. If anyone starts to speak out about the need to change gun laws, the gun lobby will complain that it is too soon for that discussion and the politicians will offer their thoughts and prayers. Even after all the gun deaths last fall from two high-profile mass shootings, the gun lobby is pushing its agenda forward.

There are two bills wending their way through Congress. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity law would allow anyone who is legal to own a gun in their home state to be able to carry a gun into any state. This law means that people from states that do not require any training would be able to carry a gun even into states that have more stringent concealed-carry laws. 

The other law that is being pushed in Congress is hidden within a sportsmen’s bill called the SHARE Act. If enacted, silencers or suppressors would be deregulated and easier to purchase. While a silencer or suppressor doesn’t eliminate all the sound of the gunfire, it is conceivable that in a noisy environment, the sound would be diminished enough that more people could be shot before realizing what is going on. How many more people would have been injured or died at the congressional softball practice if a silencer had been used?

If you believe these potential laws are as dangerous and irresponsible as I do, please let Sens. Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin and your congressman know.

Kathleen Larimer

Crystal Lake