Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote for Victor Swanson


To the Editor:

We need someone in Washington to represent the people of the 14th District who embodies ourvalues, our love for our country and our hope for the future.

We need someone who wants towork for us to make our lives better and create a better tomorrow for our children. Above all, weneed someone who understands the issues and is willing to fight for us with passion andintegrity.

That person is Victor Swanson. Victor wants to work for you because he understands thechallenges and dreams of everyday Americans.

He is a Navy veteran, a teacher and a parentwho is not beholden to special interest groups or large corporate donors. Quality education,universal health care and equal rights for every American are among his priorities.

Who amongus does not share these goals for our great country?

Please join me in voting for Democrat Victor Swanson for the 14th Congressional District onMarch 20. He will truly work for our country’s future.

Denise Hay

Crystal Lake