Letters to the Editor

Letter: We all need God now


To the Editor:

This is in response to Edward Vargas’ letter of Feb. 24 on Catholic education.


Think back to the days when children went to church, made confirmations and eventually took communion.

We (as kids) feared God and our parents. We lived by the 10 Commandments and, if we didn’t, our parents reminded us of them. My children all went to Lutheran schools, not that it matters, Lutheran or Catholic, the idea was the same.

Remove God ... remove respect.

Show me a handful of kids today who even know the 10 Commandments. One of them being, “Thou shall not kill.”

Step up parents, sure you’re tired on Sunday mornings and want a day of “rest,” so were we.

As a mother, I only worked part-time, but life didn’t have nearly all the conveniences of today, so my days at home didn’t involve going to the gym, getting my nails or hair done, waiting for the cleaning lady to arrive, etc.

Introduce your children to God. You don’t need to cram religion down their throats, but show them that life was better, kinder and safer when God was No. 1. 

Carol Soccorso