Letters to the Editor

Letter: MCCD and library taxes well worth it


To the Editor:

There are two places to which I pay taxes that I feel are worth every penny of the 2.2 percent of my tax bill I pay to each: One is the McHenry County Conservation District and the other is the Cary Area Public Library. 

I didn’t live in McHenry County in the 1970s. However, I am pleased that a group of residents gathered “to preserve open space for future generations.”

My family is part of that future, and we often take advantage of MCCD parks for a hike or educational program. My grandchildren attend the nature summer camps, which are well-organized and fun, all at a nominal fee. 

The Cary library offers a multitude of services and programs for its residents. In addition to visiting the library to browse the books, movies and/or magazines, I can download audio books, movies and magazines in the comfort of my home.

Interlibrary loans give me access to books the Cary library doesn’t own. 

Before condemning recreational taxing districts, think what life in McHenry County would be like without them. The preponderance of my taxes (60 percent) help fund the local school districts, and I haven’t had children in the schools for years.

Services such as the MCCD and library make McHenry County a better place to live, even for those of us without younger children.

Caroline Pharr Sobolak