Letters to the Editor

Letter: Stripped state's rights


To the Editor:

Congressman Randy Hultgren, IL-14, once again has put the interests of his donors and his party’s establishment ahead of the rights of his constituents and the state of Illinois. He has done this by sponsoring the Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill. This is a state’s rights issue if there ever was one and, considering that his party claims to be the “state’s rights” party, it doesn’t make sense.

This bill, if passed by the Senate, would force each state to recognize the concealed carry standards from every other state, even those that have dramatically weaker standards – and those that don’t require any permit at all.

Law enforcement overwhelmingly opposed this legislation, which would put police in danger of being sued for doing their jobs.

It also would force strict gun control states to let violent offenders and people with no firearm safety training carry hidden, loaded handguns even if those people could not legally purchase a gun in the state where it’s being concealed. It allows people with no permit whatsoever to carry throughout the country. 

Some states require extensive training, while others require none. Some state systems are so poorly run that they issue permits to people with felonies, and 12 states require no permit at all.

This bill allows untrained owners, convicted stalkers, domestic abusers and people with serious mental health problems the same rights that law-abiding owners enjoy, and it is just plain wrong! It’s time to send Randy packing.

Kathleen Bogolia