Letters to the Editor

Letter: A scandal a day


To the Editor:

Ever since the Donald moved to Washington the American public has been inundated with lies, half-truths, and exaggerations. At first, we thought that this was just recycled campaign talk and he would grow up and drop it.  

Don the con did just the opposite. He doubled down on the lies and now we have a new scandal every few minutes. At first, it was just the lies about the inaugural crowd and President Obama. Then it was his tax returns couldn't be released due to being audited.

Then there were the millions of fraudulent voters. You can read the lists in the papers and on the internet. There are now several thousands.  

What scares me is he now has brought in a war cabinet in order to surround himself with yes men and no one to tell him that he is out of line. His first cabinet was the second string of the Republican experts on policy and now we're on the fourth or fifth string.

All Americans know that his only chance of avoiding impeachment is to declare war on someone or some country. Will he try to get the military to attack North Korea or will he just attack a softer target such as Mueller or the southern border?

Will we let him? Will the Republicans in Congress suddenly grow a spine? Will he try to install himself leader for life as his hero's have done?  

Robert A. Schultz