Letters to the Editor

Letter: Algonquin Township is out of control


To the Editor:

The Algonquin Township Board is out of control and continues to prove that the township should and must be eliminated. It and its "members" are an embarrassment.

The report on the meeting to move the highway department because of a little bit of the hostility between Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser and Clerk Karen Lukasik is such a childish situation.

To spend money to solve this is beyond ridiculous.

As to the last line in the report, "and the residents clapped," only proves the attendance to board meetings are salted with board member supporters and will clap for whatever the board decided, whether it make sense or not.

The antics of this board remind me of the early days of the Lake in the Hills Village Board meeting, when members actually slapped each other.

The whole thing should be shut down and the McHenry County State's Attorney's Office should investigate these and past board members.

Bill McElman

Lake in the Hills