Letters to the Editor

Letter: We saw this before with Grafton Township


To the Editor:

I don’t feel too bad Algonquin Township taxpayers, we unde rthe Grafton Township felt your legal bill pains several years ago.

When the former Grafton Township Supervisor, John Rossi, lost his position, its trustees, Betty Zirk, Gerald McMahon, Rob LaPorta, Barbara Murphy were very hostile to the new supervisor.

It was a very argumentative few years, littered with lawsuits, some major like the new $3.5 million township hall project or childish acts like changing locks and passwords.

To aggravate the situation even more, the board of trustees created a new township administrator position and appointed Pam Fender, another expensive legal saga.  It will take time, money and new trustees and government officials tofix the Algonquin township issues but eventually it should get resolved.

There’s no denying it, Bob Miller’s actions will cost the Algonquin Township taxpayers for years to come.  Change is hard, just keep praying. 

Joseph Greenwood

Lake in the Hills