Letters to the Editor

Letter: Casten has issues with tax bill


To the Editor:

Peter Roskam seems to be running his campaign on the tax bill of which he was a key player and for which he takes credit. As Casten points out, the facts are not on Roskam's side.

The main beneficiares are the very rich and the corporations. The latter seem to be utilizing the reduced rates to do stock buy backs and other financial maneuvers that enhance value to the major stock holders. The vast majority of the money is not going into the rank and files pockets. If there is any lift to the economy it appears to very little.

Casten is also extremely critical of the provision that limits the deductibility of taxes above a certain level and will hit many of his constituents adversely. It is too bad that Roskam will not stand up for a face to face traditional debate so both sides will be able to answer tough questions on their views. Of course this is unlikely for Roskam, a man who has not had an open town hall meeting for several years.

Spencer Heine