Letters to the Editor

Letter: Rep. Roskam doesn't care about us


To the Editor:

Last Thursday’s article, “Rep. Peter Roskam makes 6th Congressional District campaign stop in Marengo” demonstrates (again) that Rep. Roskam doesn’t care about the middle class people he represents.

Even putting aside the fact that Roskam’s district doesn’t include Marengo, Roskam’s comments show that he’s out of touch with his constituents. Roskam says that more people will participate in the job market when companies have lower taxes, but that’s not true. 

Everyone I know has seen companies lay off workers and move manufacturing overseas, while CEOs and higher-ups pay themselves more and more.

I don’t want to have to hope and pray that my company will give me a holiday bonus this year – I want it to pay its fair share of taxes that will provide my family with health care, pay my kids’ public school teachers fairly, and make sure there are police in my neighborhood when we need them.

Roskam obviously cares only for the CEO class, and that’s why I can’t vote for him. 

Sherrie Marchi