Letters to the Editor

Letter: Think more about consolidation


To the Editor:

Now before the Illinois Senate, Rep. McSweeney’s HB4244 (advocated by both McHenry Republican Party Chair Diane Evertsen and Democrat County Board Chair Jack Franks) would empower townships to eliminate themselves if they can baffle enough residents into passing such referenda.

It would also automatically cut township tax levies by 10 percent, even if townships had already done so on their own. The advocates fail to inform city and village residents that they would see a double whammy of reductions in road and highway maintenance, as the 10 percent cut would also apply to the half of their township roads and bridges taxes that go to municipalities. 

These measures are advocated by the same group of Republican extremists that threw Algonquin Township into chaos, perhaps with the intent of defaming all townships by association. The Democrat’s motives baffle me. Apparently none of these advocates wishes to see actual cost-benefit studies done, seeing ignorance as a virtue. 

A 10 percent across-the-board cut in township levies would yield my $300,000 property all of $39 savings in 2017 property taxes. I’ll take the certainty of value received in consistent road plowing and maintenance, thank you. The “do more with less” crowd fails to recognize eventually you have to do less with less. 

Now McHenry Township Trustees are looking at cutting elected officials’ salaries. If they eliminated all elected officials’ salaries – highway commissioner, supervisor, assessor and clerk – they could save me a whopping $26 in property taxes – and demotivate anyone (especially non-independently wealthy) from running. Which, I suspect, is the objective.

Robert F. Beltran