Letters to the Editor

Letter: Community solar farms good for McHenry County


To the Editor:

There has been a buzz recently about proposals for community solar farms in the county. The proposals have drawn predictable not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) responses from some nearby residents, alleging problems like stormwater runoff and lost tax revenues. But the reality is quite different – community solar will be a boon for county residents and the environment.

It brings jobs and tax revenue with almost no demand for services and it can bring revenue to area farmers wishing to temporarily lease some of their land. It is a far cleaner way to generate energy than coal or nuclear plants and allows local subscribers to save 5-15 percent on their electric bills.

And well-designed solar fields with native vegetation buffers and tree screens enhance
habitat, reinvigorate the soil, and blend into the landscape with no adverse impacts on nearby property values. It’s time to get behind community solar, a win-win proposition for McHenry County.

Dennis Dreher

Bull Valley