Letters to the Editor

Letter: Concerned about solar panels


To the Editor:

Many years ago, it was said that putting a radio in an automobile was impossible because it could not be made small enough.  

I also remember having a huge cable satellite dish in my backyard because I was told they would never be able to make them smaller. This makes me wonder about the plans for all the precious acres of farmland that will be used for these huge solar panels.  

Since the past is often repeated, I'm sure someone is waiting in the wings to harness the sun's energy by making significantly smaller panels with the same results.

My hope is that, before this project is approved and implemented, advanced technology will render the size of these panels obsolete.   

McHenry residents are concerned about the purposed 35 acres of farmland being used for solar panels. Marengo is looking at 265 acres of farmland to be used for solar panels.

Shouldn't the Marengo residents be concerned?

Gertrude Randall