Father of Cortland baby erupts in latest episode of 'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant'

MTV’s ‘Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant’ features parts of DeKalb County

Stephan Alexander, 20, scoops up his 6-week-old son, Izaiah, without asking during the latest episode of "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant."[]

The latest episode of MTV’s “Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant” is littered with expletives – most of them bleeped out – spewed by the father of a Cortland baby.

Although Kayla Sessler, 19, of Cortland technically is the featured teen parent in the series, Stephan Alexander stole the show – first by withdrawing money using Sessler’s mom’s debit card, and then by blowing up on camera in front of Sessler; her mother, Jaime Villacorta; and his and Sessler’s 6-week-old child, Izaiah.

Alexander, 20, unleashes several dozen expletives in the kitchen while Sessler holds their child, looking torn and despondent.

“How you act in front of your child is amazing,” Villacorta said during his tirade, otherwise at a loss for how to cool him down as he struts and scowls.

At one point, he walks over to Sessler and scoops up Izaiah without asking, prompting Villacorta to tell Sessler to go get her child.

The couple has broken up, but Alexander still is in the picture, and Sessler admitted earlier in the episode that although Villacorta has banned Alexander from the house when she’s not around, “I’ve kind of broken that rule a couple of times.”

“It should be up to me how much our son should see his dad,” Sessler said.

The episode also shows a flyover of downtown DeKalb from several months ago, as well as Sessler and her friend getting their nails done at Leza Nail Spa, 2444 Sycamore Road.

The friends talk about how badly Sessler wishes her mom and her former boyfriend simply would communicate rather than putting her in the middle.

The previously mentioned explosion, shown toward the end of the episode, is the result of them trying to communicate.

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