McHenry County monitoring Fox River water levels

Residents encouraged to have flood plan

Although only minor flooding is expected along the Fox River, McHenry County is watching water levels and is advising residents to have a flood plan in place.[]

McHenry County is watching the Fox River’s water levels and is advising residents along the river to have a plan in place in case of flooding.

Minor flooding is expected along the river in the next several days after recent heavy rains.

The Fox River at the Algonquin tailwater is expected to crest Saturday at about 6 inches above flood stage.

No rain is forecast again until Saturday.

“After last year’s historic Fox River flooding, we want residents and businesses to know that [the] county government and the McHenry County Emergency Management Agency are watching the situation,” McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks said. “We’re prepared to act to protect lives and property, and to call for aid from state and federal authorities if need be.”

Emergency Management Agency director David Christensen said people living along the river should not be alarmed but should take flooding season seriously and be prepared to take flood control measures sooner rather than later, especially if the Fox River in Wisconsin is in moderate to major flood stage.

For information on how to prepare, visit www.mchenryaware.com.