St. Charles Township man charged with posting 'dog killer' sign in neighbor's yard

59-year-old accuses neighbor of killing dog that was hit by a car

A sign was placed on the front lawn of a man whose dog died after being hit by a car May 31. His neighbor, Robert T. Metzger, was charged with disorderly conduct in connection with posting the sign.[]

ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP – If it wasn’t bad enough that a St. Charles Township man’s dog died after being hit by a car, his neighbor allegedly posted a spray-painted sign on the dog owner’s lawn that read, “Dog killer lives here,” with an arrow pointing to the man’s house, according to Kane County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Robert T. Metzger, 59, of the 5N100 block of Grove Avenue, St. Charles Township, was charged with disorderly conduct in connection with posting the sign in his neighbor’s front yard, reports stated.

The incident began when the owner of a 2-year-old yellow lab, a resident of the 35W300 block of Lambert Avenue, St. Charles Township, received a call at 5:15 a.m. May 31 that his dog had been hit by a car and killed on Route 25, reports stated.

The dog’s owner replied that the dog was asleep on the bed inside the house, but then he realized the dog was missing, reports stated.

The owner surmised that the dog had sneaked out of an open window during the night, reports stated.

The owner met a St. Charles police officer on Route 25 who helped him load the dog into his car.

Later, the man and his 13-year-old son buried the dog in the backyard, reports stated.

Then the man’s brother called to tell him of a sign posted in his front yard, reports stated.

The sign was 47 inches wide and 17½ inches high, and it was screwed onto a wooden post put into the ground, reports stated.

A sheriff’s deputy took down the sign to place it into evidence.

Then Metzger drove up, parked and walked up to the officer “in an aggressive manner and said, ‘Where the [expletive] is my sign?’ ”

The officer asked Metzger if he had made the sign, and Metzger replied, “I did. He’s a [expletive] dog killer!” referring to his neighbor.

Metzger also said of his neighbor, “He will get his!” prompting the deputy to advise the neighbor to seek a no-contact order from a judge.

Metzger posted $120 bond, or
10 percent of the $1,200 bail that was set. He is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.