Letters to the Editor

Letter: What's wrong with relationships?


To the Editor:

Whenever relationships last three months or longer, their own continuance creates, a lasting emotional blueprint for romance. Something about that particular individual had enticed you enough, to stay with them for that long. Perhaps it was personal intrigue, good looks, self-confidence, special talents, selfless duty, spontaneity, or their sense of humor? Whenever long-term activities occur, it's inevitable for people's emotions to develop to a level of falling in love. If the courting last a full season, you may never forget them.

Today, many couples operate without spiritual counsel. They're unfamiliar to the ultimate realities, of a "Soul Tie" becoming intimate, before marriage. Modern society is becoming more spiritually ignorant in secretive intimacy considering sex as it's normalcy within dating. Breaking up with any paramour, after they've had intercourse? Ushers in more than just, heartache. This is the basic reasoning behind former partners being, intrusive and having irrational behaviors.

Premarital coitus causes emotional bonds which are entangled with each other's spirit, unnecessary psychological anguish. A rejection many times brings on trepidation, after a partner realized their own linking of quintessence is being torn away. That's why, waiting until marriage is so significant! We truly weave ourselves into each other souls on our honeymoon.

Slanderous emotional misjudgments often occur and may become, actual grudges that are perilous to anyone's character. Ben Franklin wrote, "Glass, China, and reputations are easily cracked, and are never well mended." If a woman claimed rape, but the enactment never occurred or had been a true consensual relationship? Allegations like this, will ruin a good man's family name. It's irresponsible for the media to report a verdict of guilt, before an actual trial begins.

When the media demands, "All women ought to be believed?" They have become unreasonable, simply because people lie. We are a nation of laws, and all (Genders) deserve legitimate representation and suitable justice. Regardless of power, intellect, social status, and especially feelings, these do not negate personal responsibility. Especially, if equal participation has occurred? Shouldn't "We the People" be striving toward a moral superiority, truth, in our American way of Life?

Scott G. Taillet

Lake in the Hills