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Why Laugh? – Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Dose of Laughter





  1. Laughing Reduces Stress

Laughter is scientifically proven to reduce the stress hormones called corticotropin and adrenocorticotrophin. So laughing actually stops you from feeling stressed out, whether by work, or family, or anything really.

  1. Laughter is an Ab Workout

Laughter is actually a great way to work on your abs! A good belly laugh really makes you thinner. LOL— Additionally (harken back to #1), if you’re stressed out about getting in shape , laughing can be a double whammy!

  1. Laughter is Great for Pain

Laughter relaxes the muscles in the body, so for those of us with tight muscles causing pain, Laughter might be one of the best pain relievers.

  1. Laughter keeps the Heart Healthy

Laughter increases blood flow and dilates blood vessel, making it easier for your blood to flow. Laughter really gets the blood flowing!

  1. Laughter Leads to a Longer Life

A recent study in Norway found that folks with a good sense of humor, who laughed regularly, lived longer lives. The study found that the difference was particularly notable in cancer patients.

So if you’re interested in anything from living longer to reducing stress, there are places to get a good laugh! Try Raue Center’s WSR Comedy Night, every 3rd Thursday of the month, right in Raue Café at 26 N Williams Street in Crystal Lake. Show starts at 8:00p.

Don’t be late and reap the Health Benefits!