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Of all the structural elements of your home, your floors know you best. They collect whatever you track in from wherever you’ve been. Carpet feels the treads of your shoes and soles of your feet. Scuffs, scratches and scrapes record all your oops. Floors even get hold of some of your diet from spills, drops and drips.

Since your floors know you so well, it makes sense to take good care of this silent partner underfoot.

1. The first step to basic floor care is to know your flooring material. Not all wood laminates, carpeting, tile and vinyl are the same. What cleans one may discolor or abrade another. And even with the right cleaning product, too much at once can damage subflooring.

2. Once you know your flooring material, clean daily with the right tools – mop, broom, vacuum, sweeper, steam cleaner, sponge or (in the case of wood laminates) microfiber cloth and mop heads. This reduces the chance that something will work its way in, causing stains and scratches, and reduces buildup. Also, clean a spill as soon as possible, reducing the chances of it soaking in where you can’t get at it.

3. Before fixing a discolored or damaged area, take your floor material knowledge to someplace like Ace Hardware. Don’t just buy something off the shelf by reading labels. Talk with a sales associate about what method and products will work best to restore your partner to its former, functional glory.

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