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Murphy’s Flooring Describes The Options Available In Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring










You probably remember the outdated vinyl or linoleum flooring of the 1960s.  But, vinyl has come a long way and become the future of the flooring world.  Similar to tile and laminate, vinyl flooring has created a new option for realistic wood and stone finishes. Not that long ago, realistic wood-look and stone-look vinyl flooring was unheard of, but now you would never guess these options were actually vinyl and cost effective. 

Wood-look luxury vinyl can look just as realistic as wood plank flooring, but with even less maintenance and more versatility. It was originally very popular for commercial building, but now many contractors are using it in their new home and remodeling projects because of the ease of installation and the endless design options.

Just like luxury wood-look vinyl, luxury stone-look vinyl uses the same technologies to create looks similar to gorgeous, natural stone. It has a softer underfoot than other flooring materials and it helps to dampen sound. You don’t have to pay a fortune for marble because luxury stone-look vinyl flooring has changed the marketplace for the better.

Luxury vinyl offers so many benefits over traditional flooring.  It is more dense, durable and resilient for use throughout your home. It is also requires zero maintenance, is perfect for pet-friendly households and is a much more affordable option.    

Several different manufactures now offer luxury vinyl flooring.  You can find all of these options at Murphy’s Flooring in Woodstock, Illinois.  For over 25 years, Keith and Natalie Murphy have serviced McHenry county homeowners and business with their flooring expertise.  They take pride in their vast knowledge of products and installation techniques to fit everyone’s needs.  For more information on any type of flooring, please contact:

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