Douglas Automotive explains diesel engine maintenance


If you’ve invested in a diesel engine vehicle, congratulations.

They’re reliable and will last a long time - if you maintain them properly.

It’s imperative that you inspect the glow plugs on a regular basis. They’re necessary to warm your vehicle’s cylinders in order for the engine to start, says Additionally, you’ll need to check the gaskets and mounting bolts to avoid leaks.

As with a gas engine, oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle, so change it at recommended intervals as well as oil filters and air filters. Don’t just buy any oil filter. Invest in a quality filter to prevent corrosive particles like sulfur and carbon from getting into the oil. You can maintain your engine’s performance by giving fluids time to cool before you drain or check them. Likewise, do not work on your engine while it is running.

A diesel engine must have a working cooling system to prevent engine damage. In that light, make sure the cooling system warning system on your vehicle’s dash - both audible and visual - is functioning properly to avoid overheating and engine damage, advises Cars Direct.

Adding a bottle of diesel treatment when you fuel up keeps impurities out of your diesel fuel. And using biodiesel fuel will also lengthen the life of your diesel engine because it’s clean burning, and also has the ability to release accumulated deposits on your fuel tank from previous diesel fuel, adds Cars Direct.

It’s also important to have a trusted diesel mechanic run a thorough maintenance check periodically to help your diesel engine live a long life. Douglas Automotive, with locations in Crystal Lake, Barrington and Fox River Grove, offers maintenance and repairs for diesel cars and trucks, including local business fleet vehicles.

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