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Give Your Child an Epic Birthday Party!


A birthday party is a very memorable event in a child’s life.  It’s really the only time of the year where the child is the star, with all attention centered on them.  Celebrating their birthday in a fantastic and memorable way is something that will stay with them for a long time.

At Battle House Laser Combat, owner Doug Huckbody and his incredible staff make it their mission to give the birthday boy or girl (age 8 and up) a day they won’t soon forget.  “We offer party rooms so kids can celebrate in a more traditional way, with food, cake, and gifts,” said Alexandra Loppnow, Marketing and Admissions Lead for Battle House.  “Afterwards, the group gets to battle it out in our Laser Combat arena, playing mission-based scenarios that require strategy and communication, which help to strengthen friendships.”

Battle House Laser Combat offers an indoor arena with over 15,000 square feet of room to run, hide, and attack the enemy.  Multiple building levels, realistic props, and cutting-edge laser combat equipment offer over-the-top fun and excitement.  “Birthday party packages offer almost two full hours of laser combat, with a Field Marshal directing teams in a variety of game scenarios with different objectives,” added Loppnow.  “Every mission is different; for birthday parties, we like to have the guest of honor play the role of the VIP who has to be rescued, or they might play the President who has to be found and taken to the helicopter on our main level.  Kids love it, and most of them aren’t ready to quit after two hours of play.”

Birthday party packages are available, with the birthday boy or girl receiving a special Battle House t-shirt.  Parents can bring in food, and drinks are available for purchase.  For more information about hosting your child’s birthday party at Battle House Laser Combat, please contact:


Battle House Laser Combat

28039 W. Northpointe Pkwy 

Lake Barrington, IL 60010